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Solution for Syria?

keep-calm-and-love-syria-36We cannot think of a political solution, we’re doubtful of a military solution, what is left?

Love Syria! Not an original idea, this idea comes from Ronny Edry and his campaign for peace in the middle east. See his TED Talk.


Facebook could be the answer for “Peace in the Middle East”

It’s amazing how people are improving major problems in the world.

  • ViolenceRonny Edry is a graphic designer who is using Facebook to to spread love between Israel and Iran, but it has now spread to all nations around the world.  Just as violence begets more violence, we learn how Love can be spread as well, and multiplied.
  • EducationbuildOn is teaching kids in the US how to make a difference in the world and building schools in the most remote locations where the lack of education leads to extreme poverty.
  • Domestic Violence and Women’s Rights: the book and documentary Half the Sky gives a detailed view if education, violence, and sexual issues women face around the world, but also shows the local programs and support networks being developed by those same people suffering from the abuse.
  • Child Abuse: the Children’s Trust Fund in Massachusetts is focused on supporting families and parental development as a means to stop child abuse, we have to stop the cycle.