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The 2nd Solutionary Congress

I wish I lived in Utah to participate in this year’s Solutionary Congress coming up in two weeks.  This is such a fantastic opportunity for high school students.  As a judge for the local debate league, I wish we could adopt this type of program in Boston too.  Maybe one day soon.  Just think of the potential social improvement we might make by harnessing the fresh ideas of young people.

To learn more about what it means to be a Solutionary, watch this TED talk by Zoe Weil.


Love Ninja: One teacher’s amazing strategy to combat bullying and loneliness

How to help kids connect to their social environment, hopefully avoiding future depression and sadness. I love this “Love Ninga” idea.

Kindness Blog

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A few weeks ago, I went into Chase’s class for tutoring.

I’d emailed Chase’s teacher one evening and said, “Chase keeps telling me that this stuff you’re sending home is math – but I’m not sure I believe him. Help, please.” She emailed right back and said, “No problem! I can tutor Chase after school anytime.” And I said, “No, not him. Me. He gets it. Help me.” And that’s how I ended up standing at a chalkboard in an empty fifth grade classroom staring at rows of shapes that Chase’s teacher kept referring to as “numbers.”

Meet the Melton family from MomasteryMeet the Melton family from Momastery

Author Glennon Doyle Melton with her family; her conversation…

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6 movie Trailers that will Make Your Day

I haven’t seen all of these movies yet, but totally agree with the list so far:

202881. Babies – shows the first year of 4 different babies around the globe

2. Fresh – shows organic food production compared with mass-produced farming

3. Girls – shows the struggle some girls go through to get an education around the globe

4. The Cola Road – documents a life saving program of distributing needed health remedies using Coca-Cola crates

5. Jobs – the life story of Steve Jobs as he founded Apple

6. Happy – What is really at the root of happiness?

More Female Engineers!

This is an amazing idea!

Enhance The Human Experience

I am proud to be a female engineer.  We are just as good at engineering as males.  And the engineering world benefits from having a diverse population with different skills and points of view.

This new line of kids toys helps young girls develop an interest in science and math which may lead to an engineering career.  Too many science and math toys are not well suited to connect with the interests of young girls.  These books and building toys go together to make a fun and interactive way for girls to create something.  I was lucky enough to like regular blocky Lego’s when I was young, maybe that explains it all…


If you agree, click on this link to see the Huffington Post article, and to click the bottom link and vote for this commercial to air during the Super Bowl.

Love their commercial.

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Education Crisis

is happening in the U.S. and around the world.  Every 26 seconds a U.S. student drops out of school.  51--1That is the message of the non-profit organization buildOn.

At the same time, 900 million people around the world cannot read and write.  That’s nearly 1 in 6 people.

buildOn addresses both of these problems by working with youth in urban cities to improve their communities, and building schools in the rural areas of developing countries.  Sometimes these efforts are combined to send U.S. students on a Trek for Knowledge, to build a school in the developing country, helping people must less fortunate than themselves.

Solving Social Problems

I love the idea of Solutionaries.  I was introduced to this idea during a TED Talk and think it would be great to do as a modification of formal debate.  We are facing serious social issues that will require ingenuity and creative thinking to solve or improve these issues.images

We are born curious, and we intuitively want to solve problems.  Spend a few moments with kids and there’s no doubt that if they focus on one thing, they will make an improvement.  So what if we use that natural ability to facilitate teaching, and to enhance that ability instead of squelching it as our current education system is doing.

The Solutionaries link above shows a good example of a school working to develop their students into Solutionaries.