We’re All Human

Love this image from DoSomething.org.  What can you do to help?

We're All Human

We’re All Human


Living with a Disability

Many people know first hand what it’s like to live with a disability.  I love this woman’s TED Talk about her personal experience and how she challenges our view of disabilities.  And she is very funny.

Stepping Out in the UpseeThen check out this mother’s fabulous invention for children with cerebral palsy or other mobility challenges, this harness gives them a chance to walk with their parents.

The 2nd Solutionary Congress

I wish I lived in Utah to participate in this year’s Solutionary Congress coming up in two weeks.  This is such a fantastic opportunity for high school students.  As a judge for the local debate league, I wish we could adopt this type of program in Boston too.  Maybe one day soon.  Just think of the potential social improvement we might make by harnessing the fresh ideas of young people.

To learn more about what it means to be a Solutionary, watch this TED talk by Zoe Weil.

If Hate and Prejudice is Taught, then Love and Acceptance can be Taught too

AM.jpg-25f11a2331401bc3747794c9315ffe28It’s sad when people are so consumed by hate, that they don’t even recognize love.

In response to a group of religious fanatics carrying signs of hatred towards certain people, the yellow banner in this photo was created to give a positive alternative for people’s viewing.  After the pastor of the religious group passed away, protestors held up the white banner to offer their condolences for the baptist congregation.  Some of the church members are so filled with hate, they don’t even understand the meaning of the white banner and it’s significance.

If we can teach this level of hatred toward others that they would hold up signs of criticism in public, surely we must be able to teach an equal amount of love.  The yellow and white signs are the first step in that teaching.

When you buy an iPhone, where does the money go?

This is interesting, and pretty cool!

Enhance The Human Experience

Where people expect the money goes Where people expect the money goes

Where the money actually goes Where the money actually goes

I find this pretty surprising myself.  For the 5 minute explanation from Robert Reich, see this video on Upworthy.com. It’s funny that he talks about the economy and the decrease of unions being linked to income inequality.  Today I saw another video explanation, also by Robert Reich, on the rising gap in the U.S. economy, talking about the number of unions rising after WWI.  It’s part of a series of videos called Inequality for All.  Another in the series talks to some people working at an energy plant, and really brings home the question about profits and what is the value of the work people do.  Productivity has been increasing and stress is so high.  I support the recent discussion to raise minimum wage.  It’s not a simple answer, and it may not fix the problems as John…

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Happy Day of Happiness – March 20th

Ha, that sounds redundant when you say it out loud.  And here is my favorite Happy song, a cover of the song Happy done by Walk Off The Earth.

What a great day to celebrate happiness.  I guess this is sponsored by the United Nations.  So go out and make the world a Happier Place!

27 ways to increase your happiness from the Huffington Post.  Here is a post of mine where I’m keeping track of happiness related items.