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Couture Fashionista, or just Dressup by this 4 Year Old?


click on the photo for more dresses included in the Huffington Post article

I love the idea of making dresses from colored construction paper.  This mother-daughter duo teams has some genuine originality, but also expertly imitates the masters of the red carpet.

What really makes these dresses look amazing is the model’s poses and demure expressions.  The photographer really knows how to capture her beauty.

Please vote for the Best Design

Your help is needed, vote by the end of Oct 15th

Enhance The Human Experience

CANstruction is a cool event where people design something out of canned food.  My company participates in the Boston event, you can see all the photos and vote by the end of Oct 15th.  When looking at the page of photos, click on the photo to see the name of the company and the name of the design to see who you want to vote for.

And go find a CANstruction event in your city…

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How much is 2,000 calories?

If you have ever counted calories, it’s amazing to see how many can be packed into a small tasty treat.  This video 2000 Caloriesshows us how many Big Macs, or bananas, etc. it takes to eat 2,000 calories.  For some foods, it’s hardly considered a day’s worth of meals.  Of course, serving sizes are out of control, and yes they have a video about that too.

They also remind us to beware of sugar amounts.  I recently heard that low fat foods are made tastier by adding sugar, confirmed by this short video.