Time is difficult to get and easy to lose – 時は得難くして失い易し

Sadly true…

Japanese Words of Wisdom

time is difficult to get easy to lose

photo credit: Βethan via photopincc


– Japanese old proverb

How to pronounce: Toki wa egataku shite ushinai yasushi

Literal translation: Time is difficult to get and easy to lose.

Meaning: A good chance is difficult to get and even if you would get it, it’s easy to be lost.
Given this, this proverb suggests us to consider the change as more important than we usually do.

How many big chances do we encounter in a lifetime?
We never know. We probably have missed so many chances before already without realising they passed nearby.

Despite this proverb, I guess there’re lots of chances.
The problem is, we usually don’t realise them as the chances, or don’t even care.
Given this, what we could do is to try to consider anything happening around us as a chance.
Let’s ask ourselves “Can this be a chance for anything?”


How was today’s proverb?

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