Unphotoshopped Photos

Three young women are asking people to sign a petition to Teen vogue, asking them to stop photoshopping photos in the magazine.  One girl has convinced Seventeen Magazine to stop doctoring photos for their magazine.  Unrealistic photos of men and women has an effect on our self perception and how we define the level of normal to which we compares ourselves.  Even the most conscientious person can be affected by viewing so many unrealistic pictures.

Sure, make-up and lighting can still do a lot.  But look at the extent of Photoshopping in this documentary video, and how easy it is to change the image with the click of a button.  “How does it feel to try to keep up with the impossible?”  It makes us feel out of control…

Well at least someone is making a new version of the Barbie doll that resembles actual human proportions.  I really hope they change the name, Lammily is surely to fail with such a homely sounding name.

Yay!!!!!!  Verily magazine has promised not to retouch photos before printing.  Some celebs out there have expressed outrage when their images are modified to show an unrealistic portrayal of the bodies and features (scroll down this article to see the extent that Photoshopping changes how the clothes fit on women).  Men are also changed, and scroll that page down to see the before and after of a photo ad of Britney Spears.  This collection gives are non-modified images of some celebrities.  Check out the step by step process of making a model in this video.

Two photos of Kelly Clarkson taken about the same time frame, yes, that's Kelly.
Two photos of Kelly Clarkson taken about the same time frame, yes, that’s Kelly.

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