Watch Out – Stop Eating Microwave Popcorn!

It’s amazingly simple to make popcorn on the stove. Have you read the list of chemicals in microwave popcorn?

Enhance The Human Experience

So someone ingeniously figured out how to make popcorn more dangerous and charge more money for it. And most people foolishly bought Microwave Popcorn, including myself.

There are potentially/confirmed dangerous chemicals in the butter for microwave popcorn. Half the corns doesn’t pop, or gets burned while trying to pop a decent amount in the bag. Trust me, the only thing worse than stinking up the office with popcorn smell, is stinking up the office with burned popcorn smell; which for some reason clings to my hair and clothes to remind me of the awful decision to make a quick snack. And thats all the single serving bags are good for, i can’t get a serving of edible popcorn from it. I’m not a big fan of too much butter or salt either.

Now that I have a gas stove again, I’m back to popping corn in a pot with a…

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