I accidently tricked myself

Whenever I go jogging, I do not take a radio or any listening device.  I like to let my mind wonder and see what I think of either as a new idea, or when I remember something I was supposed to do already.  I always thought this was my meditation time, my time to think.

Today while jogging, I realized I accidentally tricked myself into thinking I was meditating.  While researching other blog posts for a collection of posts about Compassion, I read a few that talked about meditating.  Today my brain finally learned what they said…

perfectly-timed-photos-38-600x399See, don’t get angry when people don’t learn right away, let it sink in for a while.

I realized, that thinking why jogging is not meditating.  Meditation is a process to relax, to empty your mind and focus on a calm experience.  Meditation can include a focused thought process about one thing, or a serious study of that one thing.  But you can’t be meditating while bouncing around either outside or in a gym with constantly changing scenery that you have to focus on.  I heard that if you want to do creative thinking, also called active thinking, you have to be active.  Go for a walk or a run to inspire creative thinking.

But to slow down our mind, we have to slow down our body and the input of information around us.


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