Moving Beyond Capitalism

The world is changing. I feel we are making great strides of improvement and we are focused on how to help each other, bring out the best in people, and provide equal opportunity for all.  But the archaic systems of government, education, and especially corporations and wall street have us trapped in the 20th century.iphone-presidential-election-economy-somewhat-topical-ecards-someecardsWill we create something better than capitalism?  This RSA video gives a great summary of capitalism, and the current problems we face with development in this system.  Capitalism helped the world achieve what we have today, but it’s limited in the capacity to move forward with development.

We need dramatic changes in education.  Ken Robinson has several TED Talks, but this RSA video really challenges us to invent a new education system geared for today’s needs.

Dan Pallotta explains in this TED Talk part of the challenge, our current thinking on Charity fundraising is limiting our capacity for fundraising.


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