Ways to help the World

There are many ways to donate to the world.  Financially, or Time, depending on your schedule and preference.  As the world expands in population, and more distance is created between people, we are losing our community support systems.  I suggest you review all charities and groups in advance of supporting them.  If you’re like me and you have no idea how to do this on your own, see if they have asked Charity Navigator to evaluate the organization.  If not, you might suggest that they contact Charity Navigator, and/or you might look for a different group to support.

Financial Options images

  • I love micro-lending to people across the globe.  Using the site Kiva.org is very easy, and there are many options of people and activities to support.  When the money is paid back, you can return the money to your wallet, or re-lend for new requests.
  • Recently I discovered Global Giving on the web which has thousands of programs to donate to, in a wide variety of topics and fields.
  • Anyone can create a campaign asking for support on the website Indiegogo.  You can browse by topic.
  • Or check out Crowd Funding for Science Projects:  FundAGeekMicroryza, Rocket Hub, or Kickstarter

Volunteer Options

  • Find Opportunities in your area on Idealist, Volunteer Match
  • Search for a Young Professional Volunteer group in your area
  • Some sites try to match professional skill as well, such as WomenOnCall
  • Boston and Massachusetts has a great Volunteer organization with Boston Cares

Imagine the world if we all align our spending with our priorities…


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