Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship

Wow, these people are doing big things to improve our society. Way to prove wrong the saying “Over The Hill”!

High Impact Philanthropy

For the past 3 years, I have been a juror for the Purpose Prize, a $100,000 cash prize awarded annually to each of five winners, all of whom have chosen to pursue an encore career focused on social impact. The winners are extraordinary men and women who are redefining what life over 60 can look like. In doing so, they are also redefining what social entrepreneurs look like.

These are not the 20-something idealists whose youth, passion, and relative inexperience allow them to see new solutions to solve society’s problems.

Instead, they are the 60, 70+ year olds whose wisdom, commitment, and relative wealth of experience enable them to create change where others couldn’t.

Who are they?

B.P. Agrawal’s upbringing in a poor rural village in India, PhD in engineering, and subsequent 27-year career as a technology and telecommunications executive enabled him to envision and then develop a sustainable…

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