Doing Good

2012 seems to be the year of do-gooders.  It doesn’t take but a little bit of effort to discover acts of kindness (best of random acts of kindness) and generosity.  I don’t think there there are more good deeds than ever before, but we seem to be recognizing them more.  I would like to think that public calls for volunteering and the rise of service through groups like City Year have

City Year corps members are diverse

City Year corps members are diverse (Photo credit: cityyear)

allowed the younger generation to recognize their ability to contribute to the larger society.

From heartwarming holiday stories, to 228 customers buying coffee for others in line, to heroic elementary school teachers.  I love catching good stories on the Good News page of the Huffington Post.  Even in the midst of a tragedy, people can help each other survive and improve the life of fellow citizens on a daily level.

It seems like next year is gearing up to be the year of women’s rights.  Several stories are coming out of India now are showing a rising outcry to stop violent actions common against women.  And new information about the changing role of women in North Korea, who now are becoming the primary breadwinners.

Remember the phrase “Nice guys finish last”, maybe things are changing with the young generation.  It looks like nice guys are more popular.  There are all kinds of efforts now to stop bullying, and hopefully we are moving toward a more just and humane society.


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